Position in the Southern & East African Market

Dragonfly Africa and Green Route Africa are considered one of Southern & East Africa’s leading destination management companies.

We are acknowledged as the top South African company operating in the North American market, Australian / New Zealand markets and the United Kingdom. We are also now well established in the highly competitive South American market as well as Russia , Europe and Scandinavia.

Why our clients choose us

More often than not, we find ourselves in a competitive bid situation and, once a project has been awarded to us, we make it our business to find out why. We also pride ourselves on our repeat clientele. Based on the feedback we have received, our main strengths are as follows:


We are well known for our creativity, and will continue to put forward practical and exciting ideas throughout the life of the project. We research new ideas and products on an ongoing basis and ensure that our staff and overseas sales offices are kept up to date with market developments.

Attention to detail

From the very beginning, we start to involve ourselves in detailed programme or itinerary planning which includes provision and planning for all contingencies.


We want to make it easy for you to sell the destination to your client, so we will provide you with clear and motivating information and reasons for all aspects of the programme / itinerary proposed.

Keeping in touch

We believe in top rate service and will keep you in touch and informed throughout the project. We prefer to be asking you for answers rather than the other way around.

Buying Power

We have exceptional buying power within the Southern African market, due to volumes placed, and are treated with respect by the market. We are always keen to negotiate added value for our clients, e.g. upgrades, additional free rooms, late check-outs, meeting rooms, the waiving of overtime fees, etc. Our company philosophy is to be respectful to all suppliers at all times, from the most senior to the most junior person. As a result, it is a fact that suppliers enjoy working on our projects and appreciate our organizational ability which in turn makes their lives less stressful. Through these bonds, we are able to attain added attention and enthusiasm, and value when and where it really matters.

Financial Expertise

All our quotations are presented in a line-by-line, item by item format. This is very helpful for clients in arriving at a final budget, as items can be added or deleted. For a large project, it is usually our policy to bring accountants on site to control the billing and to provide daily updates for the clients to sign off.

Operational Skills

We are experienced in meeting individuals on arrival at airports and in managing and controlling large groups, including those with multiple airport arrivals. We have the facility to meet clients at the door of the aircraft and fast track them through immigration. We are used to having back up plans and to having plans changed at the last moment.

We have an excellent team of professionals and experienced people who are all given specific tasks during an incentive or conference programme. We have a large network of very experienced guides and tour directors who have worked on previous projects with us and who understand exactly how we operate and what is required of them.

Expertise in pre and post extensions

With our Travel Department, we specialise in extensions and regularly co-ordinate and manage pre and post tours for our clients, including website links, as many of our clients arriving from around the world for an incentive, meeting, or conference, want to see more of the country.

Staff Long Service

We have a history of staff stability.  For example 36 yrs service for our Executive Chairman, 26 years for our Senior Operations Manager, 22 years for our Chief Financial Officer, 19 years for our CEO, and 16 years for our Vice President of Sales and Marketing.