About Us

Dragonfly Africa Group has been involved in providing a wide range of services across a broad spectrum of tourism for almost 40 years.


Our main business is incoming tourism from all over the world in the form of individual travellers, groups, meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions.  We are well known in the industry for our creativity and high levels of service. 


In addition to our Travel Department, Dragonfly Africa has a large Meetings, Incentive, Conference and Events Division which creates exciting programmes for larger numbers.  We employ a number of highly specialised staff who, together with our creative team, are able to produce original and spectacular proposals for small, exclusive groups of 20 participants to large groups of 500 – 2000 participants or more. Around 70 staff are employed by the Group.

Where Dragonfly Africa Started

Dragonfly Africa was initially born out of the country hotel that the company owned – Cybele Forest Lodge & Health Spa.

Throughout the 1980’s the travel business continued to expand and so moved its Head Office to Johannesburg, with an operations unit in Cape Town.

Our Mission

  • To provide our clients with a top-quality level of service resulting in an exceptional travel experience.
  • To demonstrate our creativity, innovation and commitment in a way which distinguishes us from others in the market place and leaves our clients with a strong feeling that they have received something special and memorable - something that represents value for money.
  • To build a team of knowledgeable, responsible, accountable and well-rewarded staff who are proud to be associated with the Group and who see a long-term future for themselves within the Group.
  • To carefully identify the markets or business areas that we wish to be involved with and to focus on these.
  • To build and sustain solid relationships with our clients and service suppliers.
  • To contribute meaningfully to the re-greening of Africa, and to help educate and develop and empower the local communities that we work within.

Where Green Route Africa Started

Green Route was formed in 1991 and opened an office in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The company was a pioneering force as a specialist Destination Management Company, firstly in Zimbabwe and then in all of Southern Africa.

Why choose us?

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a driving force of African eco-awareness and offer a wide variety of possibilities for our clients to tap into in order to truly make a difference. At both Dragonfly Africa and Green Route Africa, we are committed to embracing our environment, our communities and our wildlife as an essential part of our business ethic.

Meet the Team

Our expert team is not only highly skilled, with a wealth of knowledge and expertise, but has an insatiable passion for African travel. They are the reason why we are able to produce authentic, custom made, luxury experiences for our clients.