Art and Cultural Expression
The Norval Foundation

By: Antoinette Du Preez

By: Antoinette Du Preez

Group Sales Manager at Dragonfly Africa

Working in the travel industry and especially on the Sales side of things, we are often in various countries promoting our beautiful destinations abroad, so we hardly ever get the opportunity to be a tourist in our own beautiful country. Ironically, during level 1 of the nationwide lockdown in South Africa, this created an opportunity to visit the Norval Foundation in Steenberg, Cape Town.

The Norval Foundation is a centre for art and cultural expression, focusing on research, education and exhibition of visual art both locally and internationally. Not only is it known as a popular art gallery in Cape Town, but from an incentive and group function space perspective, it has so much more to offer. Located in the Constantia winelands, only 30 minutes out of the city, the Foundation is the perfect venue for a special occasion, whether a gala dinner or winelands-inspired lunch, this can be coupled with a curated gallery tour. Venues range from indoor galleries and exhibition spaces of various sizes to a boardroom/ library as well as an outdoor amphitheater and a gorgeous manicured sculpture garden. The Skotnes restaurant is the culinary arm of the Foundation offering breakfast, lunch and an early dinner.

Not being an art fundi myself, I learnt a lot by visiting the Norval Foundation. I was extremely fortunate to meet the CEO, Elana Brundyn, who explained the inner workings of the gallery, their flexibility when it comes to events and who also gave me more information on other community driven projects they are involved in. The Foundation’s education programme works hard to ensure that every local child visits the Norval Foundation at least once during their school career, either on a school tour or attending on of the various workshops.

The Imporance of art education for our future generation

Research has proven that art education plays an integral part in the holistic development of a child. It has been shown that children who have been exposed to art are:

–  Imparted with values such as sharing and perseverance.

– Able to improve motor skills.

– Able to create art that they are proud of, which improves their self esteem.

– Better prepared for honing critical thinking skills, which improves their academic performance”

Community driven projects are dear to the hearts at Dragonfly Africa and Green Route Africa, and we are proud to associate with local organisations who has the same vision. It is important to support, uplift and encourage local communities, not just globally, but especially at home.

I am also proud to mention that the Norval Foundation has strict, but easy, COVID protocols and procedures in place. They do a health screening on arrival where they take your temperature and have hand sanitizing stations throughout the establishment. They’ve also set up directional signage to ensure social distancing at its best. I felt very safe and well-taken care of during my visit. Don’t forget your mask!

Feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team for information on this incredible venue and Foundation. I certainly have a high appreciation for local art after my visit.