Tintswalo at Lapalala
Bushveld Paradise in the heart of Africa

By: Marion Pearson

By: Marion Pearson

Senior Leisure Specialist at Dragonfly Africa

April 26, 2019

Winding dirt roads, the fresh smell of bushveld, the tapping of running hooves across the plains and rocky outcrops. Now in February the animals all have their young ones, the grass is long and green with late summer rains this year. These are the sights, sounds and smells of the African bushveld in the Waterberg and home of Tintswalo at Lapalala, Tintswalo’s newest arrival in their group of luxury lodges around South Africa.

From your arrival at the lodge you are greeted by the warmth and friendliness of the staff. A true off the grid 5 star eco lodge, encompassing the natural elements of the surrounding bush with understated luxury. 7 wood and canvas tented suites each individually and elegantly decorated with inspiration drawn from various African cultures.

Tintswalo at Lapalala definitely has soul and history and have done well to combine this in the activities they offer guests, such as excursions to see ancient rock art of the San people or old housing sites of the Ndebele people, visit the breeding projects they have for the Rhino, Sable and Roan Antelopes, even meet Matetsi an orphaned Black Rhino and an a chance to see the last free roaming Wild Dog pack in Southern Africa. Last but by no means least, what would an African Safari be without spotting the Big 5, Lapalala have recently re-introduced a small pride of Lions from the Kalahari as well Cheetah’s onto this 44 500 hectare (and growing) reserve. 

With the experienced and knowledgeable game rangers Dave and Corne,  there is no doubt that every game outing is special and you will learn something new even if you are a well-seasoned person on safari.

At the heart of Tintswalo at Lapalala is Ernest and Gaye Corbett, the owners of the Tintswalo Property Group. A charismatic and energetic couple who with their love of the bushveld, passion for growing the community developed this beautiful lodge.

Duncan Parker, son of the late Dale Parker who with Clive Walker founded Lapalala in 1981 had a dream to restore this land to what it was many years ago and conserve this diverse and remarkable ecosystem. Re-introducing animal species back into the Waterberg Biosphere that were lost due to farming, disease and hunting. To great success this project has been achieved along with the help of people like Ernest and Gaye.

A Rhino Museum -the first of its kind will also be opening its doors to the public soon, a project Clive Walker has been working on for the past 2 years to bring awareness and knowledge to the plight of these endangered animals. The Museum will also have a research centre and outdoor coffee shop. Clive is renowned for his environmental and conservation efforts in Africa and this Rhino Museum will be a wonderful addition to his legacy and will be a different experience to offer guests staying at Tintswalo Lapaplala.

All Photo Credit: Jacolene van der Merwe | Dragonfly Africa