Offering an unique historical and cultural heritage, tropical beaches, coral reefs, spectacular landscapes, intriguingly rich architecture and small desolated islands close to the coast, Mozambique is one of the most enticing tourist destinations in Southern African.

The 2500km Mozambican coastline is scattered with endless coral reefs, tropical beaches and is a mecca for scuba and snorkel divers, sun worshippers and adventure explorers alike. The pristine coast is one of the last few unexplored regions of the Indian Ocean and hosts a dazzling display of marine life, from Manta Rays to the rare Dugong.

Exotic destinations in the Northern region include the mysterious and majestic mountains of Namúli and Unango, historical settlements of Angoche, Ile de Mozambique, and Ibo and the magnificent harbour of Pemba.

Sail on a dhow through mangrove channels or laze under the palms in the Quirimbas Archipelago, take an off-beat safari in the wilds of Gorongosa National Park, wander along cobbled streets past stately colonial-era buildings on Ilha de Mocambique sip a café espresso at one of Maputo’s lively sidewalk cafés, watch the silversmiths at work on Ibo Island or dance to the country’s trademark marrabenta music.