South Africa

South Africa – a land for all seasons. A country of magnificent vistas and awe-inspiring beauty. A place that feeds the soul and fills the heart with an intoxicating sense of wonder. Come on a journey that will touch your senses in so many ways that you’ll leave forever changed.

Experience the incredible diversity of the land – from the natural splendour of Cape Town to the sultry Durban coastline, a Big Five safari next to the Kruger National Park or the glitter and glamour of the fun-filled Sun City Resort. Come see it all, because South Africa really does have it all!

Vibrant in nature, you could be exploring the origins of ancient man one moment, cage-diving with Great White Sharks the next and soon after be tasting a traditional beer in a lively township shebeen (local tavern). Here, variety is the name of the game.

South Africans are known the world over for their big hearts and friendly smiles. Let them make your visit unforgettable with a big “SA” welcome to the Rainbow Nation – in all 11 official languages.

For explorers and adventurers who want to experience life to its full, there is no place like South Africa. Here, just beneath the surface, it is easy to find the real thing, to discover new meaning, to see more, to live more and to come away a richer, more diverse human being.